This Woman's Mind-Blowing Folding Hack Will Forever Modification the Method You Load a Bag

I'm seldom able to travel with simply a carry-on bag, which sucks for me because that implies I need to pay a minimum of $50 to check bags both to and from my destination, in addition to the cost of my airplane ticket. Womp. Part of that reason is because I'm not good at luggage Tetris and haven't mastered ways to efficiently pack all the clothes I wish to bring with me when I travel.

But after seeing this viral video posted by Anacleto on Facebook that has more than 11 million views about ways to fit nearly 2 weeks' worth of clothing in a teeny-tiny carry-on, I may lastly be able to save that money for something else.


Kalashnikov includes military style clothing line to endure sanctions

Sanctions enforced by President Obama against Kalashnikov Concern in 2014 have prompted the renowned company to launch a military style clothing line.

Western sanctions levied against the company as a result of Russia s annexation of Crimea in February 2014 continue to take a bite from its earnings. Executives prepare to open 60 stores across Russia by the end of this year to adapt to the brand-new reality.

I do not comprehend how it is possible for us not to produce our own top quality line of clothes and accessories, Vladimir Dmitriev, marketing director of the Kalashnikov Concern, told the newspaper Izvestiya, Russia behind the Headlines reported Tuesday.


Five preferred Hong Kong vintage clothing shops and three online choices too

You know what we mean: the damaged pants, the over washed polos, the retro-ripped jackets. Why not really go for something authentically vintage it s often more cost effective.

Hong Kong is beginning to see a great deal of high-quality second-hand shops. You most likely sanctuary t heard of them, concealed away as they are in low-rent malls and random commercial buildings; some are online only. However search no more we’ve selected our t shirt printing front and back five favorite vintage stores, from retro classics to couture.